Michigan Maple
Syrup Association

Best Maple Syrup
2008 & 2009

Best of Show

Maple Syrup from the heart of our
woods in Charlevoix, Michigan...

Award-winning,100% pure, all natural, delicious and made in Michigan!

People who taste it say, "mmmmmm...that tastes amazing!"

We invite you to try some!

Art & Jan Currey

We have plenty of syrup available, including a good supply of very dark Grade B (also called Grade A Very Dark with Strong Flavor). If you need this grade for cooking or to use in a cleanse diet, it's available on our order page. We're preparing now for our 2015 season! Check our facebook page (Currey Farms Maple Syrup) for timely updates on what's happening on the farm!

Our Shipping Policy

Since maple syrup is heavy, we try very hard to ship it as economically as possible. Because the items for each person's order differ greatly, we calculate shipping chages on an individual basis. We charge you exactly what USPS or UPS charges us, and only add $2 - $4 extra (depending on contents) for handling per package. The shipping costs are added to your invoice after you place your order but if you want to know them before, please email us at